• Profile your property not just in terms of property features and amenities but how it feels to live in and interact with the home. What possibilities does the layout of the home's location in the neighborhood allow for? How would a homeowner interact with the spaces and rooms as they are or could be designed? 
  • Assess a homeowner's market days sensitivity. We discuss property operating expenses with homeowners to establish a listing price based on value, as well as affordability of expenses during the sale period.


  • Standard presentation of listings involves shotgun advertising, meaning the promotion of listings to audiences regardless of their fit for properties. That is a good option for listings that are not based on a detailed profile of prospective buyer. 
  • We have a detailed profile, which allows us to bypass third-party delivery and present listings DIRECTLY to prospective buyers who would find exclusive Buyside listed properties particularly appealing because of their fit. We use traditional shotgun approaches, but we also put considerable resources behind repeated listing exposure to targeted audiences. 
  • Likewise, we use our detailed profiles to do targeted networking with realtors, placing our listings before those who buy and sell houses within the price range, or handle homes having characteristics that are part of our detailed profiles.


  • With construction and home inspection expertise on staff, we are uniquely capable of evaluating, staging, repair and upgrades that upon sale will yield a return on investment. 
  • Most listing descriptions are a recapitulation of what is elsewhere in the listing. Based on our detailed profile, we use the opportunity to show prospective buyers the type of homeowner for whom the property would be an ideal fit, in terms of space utilization, lifestyle, as well as available neighborhood resources and amenities. 
  • Many listings, including those for high priced homes, are not professionally done and do not highlight characteristics from a detailed profile. We have a professional image maker on the team. Check the listings featured in this website to see examples of photography that is compelling in its aesthetics and storytelling.